The Biden Burisma Scandal: A Complete Timeline

During the run-up to the 2020 election, a narrative began to spread. Fueled by Trump and his cohorts, the claim that Joe Biden used his position to prevent an investigation into his son traveled from pundit to pundit. So what actually happened with Burisma?

The Investigation into Burisma Begins… in 2012

The events that would later lead to the third impeachment in American history began a decade ago. During Viktor Pshonka’s tenure as Prosecutor General of Ukraine in 2012, an investigation into Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky began. This investigation was focused on financial crimes allegedly committed by him and his company from 2010 to 2012. Following the Euromaidan protests that ended in a change in governance, however, Pshonka fled the country, giving average Ukrainians the opportunity to enjoy his lavish home.

ukranian in Pshonka's mansion
Masked Ukranian Enjoying a Well-Deserved Rest

Shokin Serves

In the years that followed Euromaidan, the Prosecutor General’s office saw two Prosecutors General sit for less than a year in their office. Oleh Makhnitskyi was the first to replace Pshonka, serving from February to June of 2014, being dismissed from the office after tendering his resignation. Vitaly Yarema was appointed as his replacement by President Poroshenko and served from June of 2014 to February of the following year. When Viktor Shokin was first put in the position, some in the nation were hesitant, and others were outraged. One group, The Open Dialogue Foundation, organized at the Ukrainian embassy in Warsaw, decried the appointment due to what many considered his failure in prosecuting the snipers responsible for some of the deaths in Maidan.

Shokin Stalls

Under Viktor Shokin, investigations into corruption slowed to a halt, including the investigation into Burisma. In fact, under Shokin’s thumb, the entire Prosecutor General’s office adopted an even greater culture of corruption. Those who made it their mission to root out corruption were fired, relocated, or forced to resign. With Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaly Kasko citing Shokin as personally blocking proceedings into investigations Kasko’s team had started. Allies of Shokin, Volodymyr Shapakin Deputy Head of the Main Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office, and Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv Oleksandr Korniyets were arrested on suspicion of corruption, and nicknamed the “Diamond Prosecutors.” This, of course, was due to the fact that a search of their homes and offices revealed 35 pouches of diamonds, containing a total of 65 stones. They were later released on bail, and the case is still ongoing. In 2019, however, a key witness in the case was shot dead in broad daylight while sitting in his vehicle.

Hunter Biden Joins Burisma

While some may say Hunter Biden was unqualified to serve on the board of directors of Burisma, this is untrue on several levels. Firstly, at the time that he joined the board, he had not only served as chairman of the Board of the World Food Programme but was also a Yale graduate. He also had experience in executive positions, such as holding the title of Senior Vice President at MBNA bank. Would he have gotten the job if his last name weren’t Biden? Almost assuredly not, but his work history shows he was clearly qualified for the job.

Hunter Biden Work History
Hunter Biden’s Work History, Sourced From

Conflict of Interest?

When discussing Hunter Biden’s work at Burisma, the potential of a conflict of interest is often brought up. While Hunter Biden had a job in Ukraine, his father, along with the rest of the Obama administration was working towards promoting democracy and anti-corruption initiatives in Ukraine. But it’s important to understand the difference between a conflict of interest, and the appearance of one. In this case, the White House and watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington both made statements that this did not constitute one. Melanie Sloan, Executive Director of CREW, added that “It can’t be that because your dad is the vice president, you can’t do anything.” Even former ethics adviser of George Bush, Richard Painter, stated that conflict of interest laws do not apply in regard to the President or Vice President. And even if they did, no conflict of interest violations had occurred.

Global and Bipartisan Support Against Shokin Builds

Aside from what Trump and his camp would have you believe, firing Shokin wasn’t just unilaterally supported by Joe Biden. This was the official directive of the Obama administration. It was the bipartisan conclusion of a senate commission on Ukrainian corruption. It was a stated desire by representatives of the EU. There were demands to curtail corruption by the IMF and it was the explicit desire of anti-corruption groups in Ukraine itself.

Well, Son of a Bitch, He Got Fired

Following mounting pressure on all sides, Poroshenko relented, and in March of 2016, to the relief of numerous organizations and nations that had invested time and money into Ukraine, their parliament voted to remove Shokin from his position. This wouldn’t be the end of Shokin however, as after tendering his resignation he showed up to work and had to be forcefully removed. He also attempted to lend credence to Trump and Giuliani’s claims later on.

So, Why is Trump Wanting to Find Out the Truth Such a Bad Thing?

You or someone you know may have asked this question before. All Trump wanted was an investigation, right? Well, there are a few problems here. Firstly, asking a foreign government to investigate your political rival is clearly a conflict of interest. Secondly, and most importantly, is the fact that telling another nation to investigate your political rival while withholding congressionally approved aid meant to keep a foreign nation from taking their land, can have really bad outcomes. Namely, they think what you really want is manufactured dirt on your opponents. That should never be the takeaway from a phone call with the President of the United States of America. This isn’t Russia. This isn’t Cuba. This isn’t China. This is America. We don’t, and shouldn’t, tolerate authoritarian thugs.

The Laptop

As more news has recently come out about the laptop that was left in the care of a legally blind computer shop repairman, I’ll be researching it in the coming weeks. So expect an article on that topic, although it will likely be far less in-depth than this.

UPDATE: I’ve completed my timeline of the laptop.

3 thoughts on “The Biden Burisma Scandal: A Complete Timeline

  1. You are missing the point, assuming you have actually read freedom of information act texts. We know their investigative offices had long strings of near perfect corruption including the Ukraine president, prior to 2006 and after 2006 when Ukraine joined “group of states against corruption”. In that setting, Vp Biden threatening to withhold 1billion in aid if they do not fire a known corrupt investigator to hope for one that will weed out corruption is good. This happened coincidentally during the same period of time Burisma appointed Biden’s son to their board, a kid with zero experience in gas and oil, nor in a position to leverage anything in negotiations burisma might have with neighboring countries. With a strong and out in the open money laundering culture leading into Biden appointment on burisma board, he was then paid $83,000/month. That is a salary of about $1,000,000. Nobody is hired as an employee for that in 2014 or so. Only someone not following news closely would not know why, burisma hoped President Obama and vp Biden would protect them from competition in the region and funnel foreign aid to the then totally corrupt president of Ukraine Yanukovich, and the totally corrupt president of burisma Mykolaiv Zlochevsky. It was this context when the lead investigator that was actively investigating burisma for laundering, meaning cooperating in the protection of laundering massive foreign aid into pockets of connected local politicians in Ukraine, was fired. However, Ukraine very regularly fires any state attorney if they investigate corruption. So it could have been coincendence, but the appointment of Biden son to burisma board out of the blue, with no experience in gas and oil international laws or trade laws, then paid a impossible salary of $996,000 should be investigated properly. Ukraine’s government is especially corrupt, since the majority of their leaders are totally corrupt, including money laundering, drive by murders, etc.

  2. “burisma hoped President Obama and vp Biden would protect them from competition in the region and funnel foreign aid to the then totally corrupt president of Ukraine Yanukovich”
    While some of the statements made here are technically correct, you are missing important context. The Maidan revolution occurred in February of 2014, and the Ukrainian parliament effectively removed Yanukovich from his post as president by forcing him to sign an agreement dictating the creation of an interim government and scheduling early votes for a new leader. In February as well, Yanukovich fled to Russia to avoid prosecution. Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma in April of 2014, after the revolution, after Yanukovich was effectively removed from power, and after he fled the country. While your complaints about Yanukovich’s corruption are accurate, by the time Hunter Biden had joined the board, he would not be the one Burisma would be trying to gain favor from. Petro Poroshenko would be.

    Furthermore, the United States government first began supporting the Ukranian government in March, with sanctions placed against Russian officials after the annexation of Crimea. A bill would then end up passing near the end of March to provide monetary and military aid to the Ukrainians, later being signed into law on the 3rd of April by President Obama. So our interests in both Ukrainian sovereignty, and consequently, corruption, began at the very least a month before Hunter Biden joined the board. Although our state department held similar interests in Ukraine as far back as 2010, as per the 2010 diplomatic cable leaks.

    And let’s say that Burisma Holdings did hire Hunter Biden because he was Joe Biden’s son (Which is absolutely the reason they hired him), that implies an ethical issue on behalf of Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden. Consequently, it would also be likely that the kind of company that would attempt to curry favor with a politician by giving that politician’s son a cushy desk job, would also likely be one of the MANY companies in Ukraine that were currently under investigation.

    So we can say that Hunter Biden acted unethically. We can also say that we know with a decent level of certainty that Hunter Biden was not under investigation by Ukrainian authorities, as the investigation pertained to the years that proceeded his joining the board. So this means that if Joe Biden were to leverage the power of the United States (Under the authority of then President Obama), he would not be doing so to prevent criminal consequences for his son.

    That leaves one potential corrupt reason for Joe Biden to do so, money. But then we have some problems here. Firstly, it’s a rather small sum of money to do something so corrupt. Secondly, there are no signs of any kind of financial transfers from Hunter Biden to Joe Biden in amounts that would represent this kind of deal, rather, we have proof of the opposite. That Joe Biden sent money to his son. And thirdly, why would a vice-president, who deals with some of the most powerful and rich people in the world, trust his son who has proven time and time again to not be reliable with money, and to also make bad decisions on a regular basis, with such a task? Why would he not assign someone less publicly connected to him, and more capable of doing the job?

    The more rational explanation for these events, in my opinion, is that Hunter Biden lacks a good foundation of ethics, saw a cushy job, and took it. And obviously, the kind of company that would be willing to offer Hunter a job, would also be the kind of company under investigation. Ergo, Hunter Biden, and Burisma created the appearance of a conflict of interest, when none actually existed.

    I’ll likely be going to sleep soon, so if you make a reply, I’ll try to get back to it as soon as possible, but it likely won’t be today. Have a good one!

  3. This is retarded presumed awnser. What the real question is, is how many phony id’s does Joe Biden own. Same for his entire family. ? For you people who think you can find records of the devil. Find the other identities and you got. Even if the us treasury knows how many transactions, it would still only be a small number of them.

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